Where focus goes

Energy flows
- Tony Robbins

To help your business soar

Navigating the winds

“Enjoy flying your kite, Whilst the wind blows”

A kite flies higher with strong adverse winds, if the string is managed well. Like a string to the kite, Bullmonk helps Businesses rise to higher, farther skies.

Combining the qualities of energy, strength, speed, passion, aggression of a Bull and knowledge, foresight, wisdom and serenity of a monk, we hold out to you, Bullmonk!

"Where Focus goes, Energy Flows"

We are management practitioners that help your Business fly...

Our practice areas include Finance, HR, Sales, Strategy, IT implementation.

Are you a -

Start-up trying to figure out your Business Model? Or

Small business attempting to Scale and Prioritize? Or

Steady state business trying to become more efficient and organized? Or

Large business dealing with any functional or directional challenge? Or

Non-India Business entering India to set up Business Venture?

Bullmonk is designed to Partner with your Business. To help you rise higher and farther.